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Further miniscule pressure points & the other muppet!

While mi..mi..mi..Beaker is currently stealing the limelight it would seem the other (STBR) muppet attendance record at AMC (Anger Management Counselling) is paying off...:
CASA simplifies flying training regs

Item by at 2:29 pm, Thursday April 3 2014 Leave a Comment

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority says it is simplifying the regulations that cover flying training organisations following a review of the Part 141 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations.

CASA says the simplification of the rules and requirements will cut red tape and reduce costs for about 300 flying training schools across Australia, and estimates the changes will lower costs in the flying training industry by nearly $2 million a year.

Optimal safety outcomes for flying training will be maintained by retaining the core elements of the new Part 141 which covers flying training for recreational, private and commercial pilot licences, ratings and endorsements for single pilot aircraft. It does not extend to intensive integrated training for private and commercial licences, which is contained in Part 142 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations.

The new regulations which include Part 141 will take effect from September 1 2014, and simplification of the requirements will be made before the new regulations come into effect.

“I am very pleased the new regulations in Part 141 can be simplified and made less costly while at the same time maintaining high safety outcomes,” CASA’s Director of Aviation Safety, John McCormick said in a statement. “Naturally, safety can never be jeopardised in the pursuit of simpler regulations but with hard work the two outcomes can be achieved. CASA has listened to the views of people in the flying training sector and responded to their concerns with positive action.”

The changes to Part 141 and other information can be found at Civil Aviation Safety Authority - Regulation reform
Still a long road to full recovery but the signs are certainly positive, however how long before the DAS is again kidnapped by the IRON ring??

In other news the NSW Government is still open to submissions to it's Regional Aviation Services inquiry, see here

However what should be most concerning for the miniscule, who is also the leader of the NATs, is the amount of submissions already lodged from many regional communities (the bulk of his party's constituents) concerned with the current status quo of regional air services:
No. 1, Mr Glen Crump
No. 2, Lake Macquarie City Council
No. 3, Coffs Harbour City Council
No. 4, Bega Valley Shire Council
No. 5, Bourke Shire Council
No. 6, Mid-Western Regional Council
No. 7, Leeton Shire Council
No. 8, Clarence Valley Council
No. 9, Narrandera Shire Council
No. 10, Narrabri Shire Council
No. 11, Cobar Shire Council
No. 12, Regional Development Australia Sydney
No. 13, Dubbo City Council
No. 14, Griffith Business Chamber
No. 15, Regional Development Australia Orana
No. 16, Mr Robert Gordon
No. 17, Griffith City Council
No. 18, Regional Development Australia Northern Rivers
No. 19, Eurobodalla Shire Council
No. 20, Cessnock City Council
No. 21, Sydney Airport Corporation Limited
No. 22, Gilgandra Shire Council
No. 23, Local Government NSW
No. 24, Mr Kevin Anderson MP
No. 25, AlburyCity Council
No. 26, Moree Plains Shire Council
No. 27, Airlines of Tasmania Pty Ltd (T/A Par Avion)
No. 28, Armidale Dumaresq Council
No. 29, Hunter Business Chamber
No. 30, Australian Airports Association
No. 31, Orange Business Chamber
No. 32, Central NSW Councils (Centroc) & Central NSW Tourism
No. 33, Ms Roslyn Lunsford
No. 34, The Royal Newcastle Aero Club
No. 35, Port Macquarie-Hastings Shire Council
No. 36, Coonamble Shire Council
No. 37, Wyong Shire Council
No. 38, Coonamble Chamber of Commerce
No. 39, Walgett Shire Council
No. 40, Tamworth Regional Council
No. 41, Parkes Shire Council
No. 42, Snowy River Shire Council
No. 43, Lachlan Shire Council
No. 44, Inland NSW Tourism
No. 45, Broken Hill City Council
No. 46, Riverina Eastern Regional Organisation of Councils
No. 47, Aviator Group
No. 48, Newcastle Airport Pty Ltd
No. 49, Charles Sturt University
No. 50, Bathrust Regional Council
No. 51, Regional Development Australia Riverina
No. 52, Wagga Wagga City Council
No. 53, NSW Business Chamber
No. 54, Ballina Byron Gateway Airport
No. 55, Riverina Regional Tourism
No. 56, Qantas Airways Limited
No. 57, Rex Regional Express
No. 58, Cowra Shire Council
No. 59, Regional Aviation Association of Australia
No. 60, Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development
But don't worry miniscule cause Kingcrat has come to your rescue (Sub No 60)...
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