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Doubt too many out there just blatantly disregard it.
Sometimes going non compliant is a better option.
How is this not blatantly disregarding it? The system (like it or loathe it) has been applied to reduce in air holding. As soon as anyone voluntarily goes non-compliant then they've blatantly disregarded the system. No room on the tarmac - tough.

Assuming the answer is "you don't," is it possible to justify departing without alternate fuel if operating non-compliant?
It'll be very interesting the first time someone calls a PAN PAN due fuel when they weren't compliant. Interesting dilemma for ATC - if you had a non-compliant a/c telling you they were about to divert, would you find them a slot?

Gletchki - you talked about 'justice' recently. Assuming the other guy landed first, did you get any enroute slowing? If so, then the system doesn't work as it should.

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