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Thanks for the replies. So it seems there is no real 'punishment' for those who choose to become non-compliant, however, everyone else suffers overall as a result.

Compare to where things were 1-2 years ago, airborne delays are hugely reduced.

I agree, but the problem is when we really need the flow to be effective, such as poor weather days, everyone is just choosing to do what's best for themselves and destroying the 'system'. We may already have 60 mins holding fuel for a TS tempo into BNE, and another 40 mins for the TFC advisory. What do we do now, add more and more fuel on bad weather days because many won't adhere to their COBT causing a now excessive TFC delay? How long's a piece of string? Do I add 15 mins, 30 mins? Or just hope it all works out for the best and declare a fuel mayday if necessary? Not everyone has the luxury of adding fuel for unknown delays.

Miles is being mentioned as an 'excuse' due to limited apron space, but I've seen it happen at a few places where there are still numerous bays remaining. In any case, the Miles example just shows the self-centred nature of Australian aviation where operators do what's best for them and don't consider changing their schedule, communicating with other operators etc. to avoid cluster [email protected]
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