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james brown
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Ah how predictable. Anytime anyone dares to question his beloved Easyjet, our rodent friend comes out shouting about how much he earns.

I think I've yet to meet a Ryanair Captain who complained about his remuneration either Alex. Money isn't everything dear boy.

You place Ryanair in the "scum" bracket. Sadly they are only just before easy jet in the scum airline league table you seem to have in mind. The key difference is that whilst Ryanair's pilot hater has a name and public face, all of the orange ones hide behind closed doors.

There will be a flood of orange drivers beating a path to Norwegian and their Airbus fleet. One hears the state of all companies in day to day conversation. and knowing several people who have worked elsewhere who now are fortunate enough to work for Norwegian, I am confident in that statement.

The Ryanair exodus does hold a lot of truth. I was having coffee with an ex Ryanair FO at the sim recently. He received a call from the Chief Pilot offering any base if he stayed. Apparently unheard of until now.

Best wishes to you all. Even if you do think the additional rate of income tax begins at 100k.
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