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There is a lot of crowing from a small number of EZY guys about how much better they are. Having been at both airlines, I can tell you with certainty that they are pretty much the same, with minor differences. Substitute direct aggression for smiling assassins, genuine 5/4 roster for a worse roster with a better leave system and a few other trimmings, and to work at they're basically the same. Same kind of operation, similar size aircraft, similar standards of ops/training. So why the peeing contest?

It seems a number of the EZY crowd buy into the management "orange" bull, somehow losing perspective on the fact that they haven't got a great job either.

Ultimately, both airlines treat their crew badly and neither pay as they should for the hard graft and high standards that the bulk of their crews operate to. The current contracts for EZY FOs are dreadful, so don't be smug about them. Captains seem to be significantly better paid, but remember that RYR have never had a pay-to-fly scheme and pay their FOs reasonably.

There are a lot of things to see improved, but how about those smug, easily bought EZY pilots get a little pride back and stop attacking colleagues who have a pretty bad lot and instead focus their frustrations on management. We should all support each other, but by turning against fellow pilots, you are defending corrupt managers.

By the way, the high rate of income tax starts at 150k, I think, and you only pay the higher rate on earnings above whatever the threshold actually is, so trying to keep earnings below 100k would be damned stupid. Or are you confessing to manipulating declared earnings, ie. tax evasion?
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