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AdM has repeated what others have already said about the T&Cs within easyJet. For a fellow Pilot albeit from another Airline to hold such a strong negative view of easyJet speaks volumes for his/her character and ability to hold a fair opinion. However, whilst upholding the view of the poor quality anorak can I also add my dislike for the pullover made from some cheap synthetic material that makes my hair stand on end when I pull the thing off. So now we have added to our wows:
1. As Captains remaining under the punitive 100k taxable pay level
2. Cheap anoraks disliked by crew and other airline employees
3. Synthetic material used in jumpers that simply ruin my hair
In summary the company is a disaster!

Being a superstitious type I steer away from tempting fate however since easyJets start in 1995 shall we compare the safety records of the legacy carriers such as BA, Air France, Lufti, KLM, Iberia with easyJet. Anyone want to make any conclusions? So the "experts" on this forum who bring safety issues up from time to time are basing their views on what? The answer is there is no statistical or factual evidence to make any of the sweeping statements about risk or safety so please don't suggest otherwise.
At least with the warmer weather coming problems 2 and 3 on my list are becoming less of an issue for the next few months!
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