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ReallyAnoyed - my apologies. I did indeed forget the loyalty bonus. As a 10 year plus Captain I receive once per year 15% of my basic salary plus my 17.5% for being a TRE. At today's salary that is 16535.21 before tax or 9921.57 after tax - that is net into my current account in addition to my normal salary. The stress it generates in trying to keep under the 100k limit is indeed vexing, but I am coping. Again, just to emphasise the point, every detail I have given is available to all pilots and not just a few at easyJet. There is a clearly mapped-out route that can take an MPL pilot at easyJet from lowly cadet to senior training captain with none of the big crevasses that used to exist. Hard fought for, but that is what we now have. It has been good for the Company to have peace in our ranks and good for all pilots to have a clearly identified career structure. We are not perfect but we are way better than Ryanair.

I am not saying all this to boast or to lord it over other people. I am trying to show that the ridiculous comments of some contributors on here, who equate easyJet to Ryanair, are just totally off the plot. There is one crucial difference between the two companies - the presence of credible trade unions who have negotiated fair deals in difficult times. I unashamedly like working for easyJet and intend to do so for the remainder of my flying career. We all know there are downward pressures on terms and conditions in the airline industry - Ryanair have led the charge to the bottom. EasyJet tried valiantly to follow them into the abyss, but were prevented from doing so by tough negotiations from a position of strength - brought about by the presence of BALPA and other excellent European pilots' unions. For reasons I cannot fathom, Ryanair pilots thought they would do better without BALPA - the results of that decision are on this very thread for all to see. Somehow we missed out on sorting the plastic anorak, but I live in hope that even that may one day be resolved to save us from looking like tramps.
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