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Most will be aware that South Australia is heading for a repeat of the Rob Oakeshott/Tony Windsor 'situation' where two so-called Independents will hold the the balance of political power in that State by deciding which major Party they will lend their support to - which will decide which major Party forms a government and which will occupy the Opposition benches.

Now we hear on this evening's news that Mr Sutch, one of those two Independents, has just announced that he is about to go on "extended sick leave", and "extended" apparently may mean "many months".

To which I can only say "WTF?????"

How can this be an acceptable situation for the voters of South Australia? If this man even suspected he had a medical condition that might cause him to seek extended sick leave - possibly for many months - immediately after the election, why in the world did he stand for election? Surely to God it's time legislation was introduced demanding that candidates undergo a medical examination proving that they are fit to carry out their parliamentary duties before their candidature is accepted?

And surely the electors of this man's seat deserve representation - representation that can only be achieved by am immediate bye-election.
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