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parrabellum, I see the Lebanese and the bikie gangs in a slightly different light. Their virtual takeover of the major bike gangs (with quite a few of them never once throwing a leg over a saddle seat) could almost be seen as a forerunner of what's in store for the whole country (thank you, Malcolm Fraser, Paul Keating and those who have followed in your misguided footsteps).

Simply through procreating at an exponentially greater rate than the rest of the population, the "Lebanese" (many of whom, of course, are not - but everyone knows who I mean) will, sooner than many appreciate, wield such political power that they will "take over" an increasingly large number of other institutions in this country until they will be calling the shots in many things, far, far before they reach 51% of the population.

There'll be many who'll pooh hoo such a notion, but that doesn't make it any less true. Take a look at Malmo in Sweden, Marseilles in France, and Bradford in the UK and tell me that somehow we here in Australia will get it right were they have not.
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