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Capt SD, she's been 'got at' big time by the family, for Junior won't be able to practise law if he has a had a conviction lodged against his name. It's like something you'd read from Frank Hardy's "Power Without Glory"; the Big End of Town looks after its own, particularly its children. It would have been made very clear to that magistrate, no doubt very subtly, and quite probably by a 'friend' who could never be linked to the family, that her career prospects would probably be a tad on the bleakish side if she was to come to the wrong conclusion about Junior's lack of guilt.

It stinks to high heaven, but is probably far better than what happens in similar circumstances in some countries, where the poor bastard with the broken face would simply disappear along with the case against Junior, who will obviously go on to be a partner in the family law firm and very much part of the Queensland Establishment.

I went to school with a couple of utter arseholes like that, who, without family connections, would have been kicked out of the school before they were halfway through their secondary education. And rather than becoming lawyers in the family law firm, or joining dad's real estate agency or used car franchise, they wouldn't have progressed beyond being bovverboys for hire in the local downmarket pub.

Meanwhile, (and as predicted), I see the ALPBC are starting the 'damn with faint praise' campaign against Tony Abbott's premature (for it was) announcement re MH370: "...it's been eighteen hours now," (since TA's statement to Parliament) "and still no sighting." (ALPBC's Linda Mothram on 702 this morning.)

He really should have held off until someone had Mark 1 eyeballs on the debris, or even better, had it in hand.

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