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State of play

I know Sarcs has posted this Poohtube clip in the senate thread, but it is worth a guernsey here as well;

Excellent work Nick, 3 x chocolate frogs are in the post
Although he did sound like he had a cold? Hope he feels better soon

It's a shame the senate was empty, devoid of other interested parties, media or even pot plants! Nick called this whole charade for what it is. The ATSB is a joke, CASA is a joke, and successive governments are a joke. It was easy to note in the tone of his voice his dislike for the watered down scope of Truss's limp wristed review, and he also reiterated that Doc Voodoo's finely manufactured MOU between Fort Fumble and the ATSB is a load of pony pooh. I liked the praise that Nick bestowed upon his quiet achiever Hannah Wooller, and I think Nick is right, Hannah herself has become a learned scholar when it comes to accident investigations Maybe a motion could be raised to have her become Commissioner of the ATSB? She would be more knowledgeable than his Royal Beakship. Hannah, 2 x chocolate frogs for you. (Please don't tell 'K' as he will be very upset that I am giving away all his frogs )

As Sarcs has mentioned numerous times, the clock is ticking and tocking. There is still a few interesting moves to be played out yet, might still be a bit of fun left to run in this game

Again, good work Nick. 10/10
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