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Is the EI pilot base in Cork permanent and pensionable (sorry, Jack)
Don't really see why it's relevant to bring me up but anyway, there are no contracted EI pilots, they're all in direct employment to EI. There's three permanent crew units (Pilots/CC) for the 3 aircraft. The 4th aircraft in the Summer uses a mix of DUB crew (primarily) and SNN staff, the later also regularly operate from Cork year-round.

Regards the Wednesday and Sunday spare slots, there's a reason they have been left out - To ensure overall bottom line is protected for the base. Above all that's critical. It's all very well speculating to potential destinations they could operate to on those days, but behind every decision is economics and unless some of you are experienced in that area, it's obvious the proposed routes wouldn't work out. Bear in mind to all EI's schedule from Cork to particularly Winter Sun destinations are co-ordinated with travel agents.

Most of the Poles that I work with would fly ORK_KRK
Indeed and that's why FR will regret the move in time, they won't be getting anywhere near the yields they are currently getting on ORK-KRK/WMI operating ex-SNN even with reduced costs.
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