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Rome (EI) gone
Gatwick (EI) gone

Warsaw (FR) going imminently
Krakow (FR) going imminently

"Ws" with Cork based Aer Lingus aeroplanes for Shannon: Faro last year and for summer 2014 Faro and Malaga.

Why is there any reason for Cork Airport to have any confidence in the future when you have companies like Aer Lingus and Ryanair that have so let down the public whom use or might use Cork Airport. Also, through out the winter aeroplanes have been left on the ground too long at times - on Wednesday afternoons in particular when an EI A320 and a Ryanair 737 are sitting on their backsides doing nothing.

No one is going to hoodwink me in thinking that they could not be despatched somewhere successfully and reasonably profitably.

Cork Airport is being codded up to it's eyeballs by Dublin based managements in EI and FR that have little or no interest in Cork whilst on the other hand a refreshed Shannon with it's debt scrapped is doing all it can in offering the sun, moon and stars to get in new traffic!

As for the remarks about a long day in Amsterdam after an overnight long haul flight waiting all day for the evening connecting EI845 flight to Cork why not trial a third ORK-AMS flight on Mon, Wed, Fri to see how it goes? Let it be done by KLM if necessary if EI are not interested and let that flight carry an EI codeshare.
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