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Thanks for that.

ALAE Fed Sec 👍 Elephant stamp for calmness under fire. And as Nkosi demurs they clearly had not read your submission.

I could not see which Sen other than the obvious but I will now read the Hansard, barrows being pushed but I'm nt sure by whom. Having said that the Sen's are entitled to assure themselves re motive. I think you sorted that well.

And what more is there to say about CASA. I have over the years actually given them the smoking gun, vids and witnesses of the act and body, without even a twitch and I know I am not alone.

Last time I attempted to ventilate this subject my post disappeared and I was excoriated and told to go play with my toys somewhere else. Make no mistake QF and it pains me to say it, is in deep trouble. Laying down huge smokescreens in order to retreat from the scene of imminent defeat and hopefully regroup is a well proven tactic in extremis.
The Government is desperate not to have to intervene or let them go, either alternative is fraught.
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