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Originally Posted by Owain Glyndwr
An interesting interpretation of the laws of aerodynamics; but I was taught that to maintain constant speed in level flight (constant altitude) thrust has to be set equal to drag and since drag varies with speed it follows that speed and thrust are interlinked.
Not in the high AoA demonstration world to which you made reference where Airbus test pilots routinely fly alpha max and use thrust to control altitude but not speed ...

Originally Posted by Dozy
I never disputed the contents of the report that I can recall.
You did not dispute, you pretended the config for Habsheim was unknown.

No, I was asking where you were getting the evidence for your claim that the demonstration flown by GC on the video was at CONF FULL.
Already answered here and here.

It's not a restriction, but a delay
What a delay if not a restriction ?

On which graph do you see that?
Same graph mentioned by HN39 earlier.

I'm sure there are some areas that could have been improved, but on the whole it seems solid.
For someone who wanna stay blind, surely.

Originally Posted by NH39
I was under the expression that you had accepted the explanation I offered in post#605
If you're satisfied with it, then it shows how the concept is poor and inefficient.
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