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why is it that you can never get an approval from CASA?
Serious corporate risk aversion and almost unbelievable inefficiency

why has Canadian Owner Maintenance been in place in Canada for about 15 years now without incident and yet owner maintenance in australia is seen as a heinous crime? (although every owner I know except one does it )
Serious corporate risk aversion plus strong opposition from CAR 30/CASR Part 145 workshops, and the LAME union --- the LAME union opposes even Schedule 8 maintenance at every opportunity, and many CASA AWIs are members of said union.

why has CASA done all in its power for decades now to kill Australian aviation?
Serious corporate risk aversion, and far to many employees of CASA are really personally quite anti GA. To quote one present senior manager: "There should only be two kind of aviation in Australia, airlines and military".

the guys who tried to build the eagle-x here are convinced that CASA's actions can only be explained logically if CASA was trying to shut them down.
They were right. Serious corporate risk aversion, CASA do not want to be responsible for aircraft type certificated in Australia, look at the history of Victa, and CASA almost succeeded in shutting down Gippsland Aeronautics by running them out of money with delays.

The long held attitude to CASA assuming any risk has long been a serious impediment to any Australian based aviation operations. Have a look at the CASA v. HeviLIft Helicopters case in the Federal Court some years ago. It was about certifying the KA32A helicopter in Australia.

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