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In my personal experience, not with airline, but light to heavy corporate over the years I can think of dozens and dozens of instances where SDRs were a complete waste of time and when absolute physical and documentary evidence of clear MRO fraudulent certification of work simply not performed.

CASA simply squibbed.

I am not talking about the Australian airline engineers here.

Fortunately most have gone out of business but not as a result of any CASA action.

In one instance they had no option but to ground a fleet of light charter twins after a mistake by the MRO annual reporting less hours on the airframes one year than the previous years. 5 sets of engines with multiple overhauls by biro and so on. It's the old story when you tell a lie you have to have a really good memory to perpetuate it. Prosecuted, not as I recall. But they start the race to the bottom on rates.

We didn't use them nor would we have anything to do with aircraft that were.

Having said that LAME's are as a profession, very honest professionals also frustrated by losing work and suffering depressed incomes because the dodgy bros are allowed to flourish.

Definitely a case of crawling all over the good guys, because they are easy targets and ignoring or too frightened to take on the not so good ones.

Price is the driver and I'm sure you agree there ain't such a thing as cheap safety in maintenance terms.

I repeat the old maxim if you think safety is expensive try having an accident.

It goes right back to the days of horse travel, "for want of a nail the shoe was lost" know the rest of it.
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