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Who called “everybody in industry” an “idiot”, aroa?

There is a bunch of people who keep doing the same thing over and over again without learning any lessons. For my part, I consider that bunch of people to be idiots (or insane). But that’s not “everybody in industry”.

It’s pointless writing to a Laborial or any of their pet officials about aviation regulation. To a Laborial, “credible” means “might affect our political fortunes”. The people who write about matters relating to aviation regulation usually vote Laborial, so there’s little to be gained from pretending to care about the subject matter of their correspondence. By definition, therefore, almost all correspondence relating to aviation regulation is “incredible” and may safely be ignored.
I have my money on warren truss …
I have my money on you losing your money. Nothing personal, mind, and in a way I hope to be proved wrong. But investment decisions must be made using the head, not the heart.

The Socialist Agrarian Party, of which the Minister is leader, has as much interest in and dedication to the encouragement and expansion of aviation in Australia as its Coalition and opposition partners. Have you not been paying attention for the last 20 or so years?
The Panel didnt asked to be spoon fed on how to do it …
You evidently haven’t been invited to speak to the Panel yet.

Perhaps I’m an idiot because I’ve said this “for the last time” before: The only glimmer of hope is a ‘whole of industry’ approach to the non-major party aligned Senators post-1 July, urging them to follow Senator X’s lead on matters aviation. The Laborials will pretend to be vitally interested in and dedicated to the interests of the aviation industry in Australia, when the Laborials need the vote of the non-major partly aligned Senators and their vote is contingent upon action in relation to aviation regulation. Short of that, you might as well resign yourself to more of the same and stop bleating.
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