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letters and all that....

Been there done that suiya and sunny...either direct to the minister, or via the local member ( you know the one who wants your vote )...but has never been able to produce answer..!! Intergalactic black hole.

If it is serious sh*t, they may ,or may not pose the Q to CAsA ...who will just make up a story to make it go away.

I did get one letter from some obscure plonker in DoTR , who had some non aviation managerial sub-title and the gist of the answer went something like this..."Hullo , dont you know Australia is very flat, has fantastic weather and we have the worlds best ball busting record for aviation safety!!??.Have a nice day".

Top stuff!! Nothing about the issue at hand,no questions answered..just the classical bureaucratic, time wasting brush off.

And as for Huffy Puffy showing his proper BIG R creds ...everybody in this industry is an idiot. Bit of a giveaway that.

The ASRR requested submissions and Im sure that from the many lodged, there are constructive suggestions on the changes that should be made.

The Panel didnt asked to be spoon fed on how to do it...they are to assess the responses and make recommendations on the changes that SHOULD be made...BUT will they.
If the elected Minister doesnt have the backbone, teeth and interest to drive them home/ ensure that it happens...then there is NO hope.

I have my money on warren truss, the bridge girder as the only thing with any steel.

There have been countless recommendations for change to over the decades CAsA but, like suggestions from the ATSB...NOTHING HAPPENS.
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