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One more brief observation.

Even if the plane had twice as much fuel as needed to get to Beijing, it still stopped (one way or another) within 30 minutes of 8:11am.

So it did not get further South than (2000km west) off Perth and it did not get further North (or West) than Pakistan/Himalayas.

How do we know that?

Because the pings stopped then and it is highly unlikely that the (new) ``pilot'' would have suddenly worked out that s/he'd overlooked pings and worked how to stop them.

So 6 hours from the Andaman sea is as far as you can get by 8:11am.

And to also be on those arcs puts you at those limits.

Furthermore you can not get out of range of IOR with 30 mins of those places.

So the plane did not go on to Kazakhstan or Antarctica, even if it had enough fuel.
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