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Clarification on frs sea harrier behaviour

Dear john farley sir....

I am one of harrier frs mk 51 operators from india.... recently in one of the aircraft during AMTFi noticed a peculiar problem.... the details are as follows...

1. During trim checks... at 450 knots, with mid flaps.. the rudder and aileron trim is out by half gauge width... with nozzles aft and undearriage up... however... during 190 knots with flaps mid, nozzles aft, uc down the trim required is neutral...

we carried out rigging and took her up again.... now the defect reversed... ie at 450 neutral trim and at 190 knots trim reqd is high...

2. Another observation that, at any speed during straight and level flight, just by increasing engine speed and with no increase in speed the aircraft is rolling to left....and on decrease in engine rpm the aircraft is rolling to right....

we are trying to find a solution but unable to find any reasons.... could pls suggest some ideas as to why it should happen....we ecently changed the engine.... previously there was no defect.... regards
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