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There is currently a consultation process underway which is examining proposed changes to eligibility criteria, as discussed above, as well as the ID requirements to be satisfied when applying. Further details here:
Government response to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Law Enforcement

Who the f..k is representing pilots and in particular GA? Unless someone steps up you might as well resign yourself to the fact that you were prepared to take what the regulator dished out. The new federal minister is already on record saying words to the effect that he does not want to see increased bureaucracy or legislation that is going to impose financial or administrative burdens on industry.

I would suggest contacting Aviation Security Branch but a coordinated approach will probably achieve more than individual gripes with narrow agendas.
Aviation Security Branch

Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development
GPO Box 594


1300 307 288 or +61 2 6274 8187 for overseas calls
(airlines/airports and emergencies—24 hours)
+61 2 6274 7201 (air cargo agents)


+61 2 6274 6089 (general)
+61 2 6274 6012 (air cargo agents)

[email protected] (general)

Wally and others who think processing, issuing, recording and recovering ASICs is a system that makes money I can assure you from experience that is not the case. The ASIC may not be perfect, no system ever would be.
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