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Originally Posted by Dozy
Again, you're taking selective quotes and turning them around. In the case of Habsheim, it would have *had* to be a near-instant response, because the Captain did not apply full back-stick until a few seconds (exact values are earlier in the thread) before impact.
That it was a few seconds or ten changes nothing to the fact that the elevators for that period just did the opposite of the pilot request. The FCS had simply no intention to let the pilot increase both the attitude and the alpha whenever 2.5 deg were still avail.

And the supposition that the AoA was restricted to A. PROT is also unsubstantiated.
As I recall from earlier in the thread, the AoA was in fact slightly more than 15 degrees - 15.4 if memory serves me correctly.
15 deg even at TGEN 334 and that value seems to have been the limitation the FCS was ready to accept.

You have the Gordon Corps demonstration video showing that even keeping the thrust on, full back stick will initially get you a little more than 15 degrees AoA.
Right on, alpha max all the way for CONF FULL, no hesitation, even possible alpha max transient overshoots. That's how the alpha protection feature is supposed to work.

You've had other posters tell you that the transition from that state to full A. MAX takes time to achieve in order to maintain stability and to allow for introduction of bank if necessary.
Gordon Corps just proved them wrong.

You put the difference down to CONF FULL vs. CONF 3, but have not substantiated that with hard evidence.
Part of the reports you don't read but comment ...

The video would have been the original cassette from the camcorder which filmed the flypast and subsequent crash.
Is it "documented" or not ?
A few camcorders have filmed the event ...
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