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Originally Posted by Dozy
Frankly, I'm a little bit tired of playing this game.
Of course you're tired as you cannot back up your statements - And you don't have to stick around either.
So how about we turn it around a bit? If *you* can find a single piece of documentation from Airbus which states that full back stick will instantly (or thereabouts) deliver 17.5 degrees AoA in that configuration, then I'll sit up and take notice.
So sit-up and take notice :

BEA Report Page 14
A tout moment, si l'incidence atteint 14,5°, la loi de pilotage est modifiée et le terme en facteur de charge ou le terme en assiette (modifié ou non par l'ordre de dérotation) est remplacé par un terme en incidence (écart entre l'incidence mesurée et la valeur de 14,5°). Cette loi de pilotage assure en particulier une protection automatique empêchant l'avion d'atteindre une incidence supérieure à 17,5°, pour conserver une marge suffisante par rapport au décrochage, même si le pilote maintient sa demande au plein cabré.
Note that it is NOT written :
This flight law provides in particular an automatic protection preventing the aircraft to achieve an AoA greater than 15 degrees, to keep a sufficient margin with the stall, even if the pilot maintains his request to the full nose-up.
And nobody said it had to be "instantly".

FCOM DSC-27-20-10
In normal law, when the angle-of-attack becomes greater than α PROT, the system switches the elevator control from normal mode to a protection mode, in which the angle-of-attack is proportional to sidestick deflection. That is, in the α PROT range, from α PROT to α MAX, the sidestick commands α directly. However the angle-of-attack will not exceed α MAX, even if the pilot gently pulls the sidestick all the way back. If the pilot releases the sidestick, the angle-of-attack returns to α PROT and stays there.
Note that it is NOT written :
However the angle-of-attack will not exceed α PROT

The sources of the video and audio ... are all documented in the BEA report, but then I suspect you know that already.
No I don't know - Do you have that documented reference ?
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