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At most, the audio track of the video could tell when the engines accelerated, but not when the thrust levers were advanced.
Well, the answer is "far too late" to the first, and presumably the same to the second.

Isn't this just back to the heart of the old conspiracy theory that the aircraft failed to respond to the pilots' commands?

The rise in note on the soundtracks is consistent with a ~5s spool up, with the engines roaring as the trees were upon them. I'm sure the video could be analyzed to produce an almost complete reconstruction of the flight path independent of the data recorder, especially given the background clutter from the forest.

The thing that's striking about the video on just watching it again for the first time in ages is the speed of approach. It's not like the displays where an Airbus is held steady at high power, high angle of attack and low speed in a pass, it just comes whizzing in.
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