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Thank you, 'bird.

Originally Posted by Machinbird
The audio track of the video of the accident shows that he did not get the throttles up until way too late. He should have been sorting out problems with getting the engines accelerated way before he got down in the weeds.

  1. At most, the audio track of the video could tell when the engines accelerated, but not when the thrust levers were advanced.
Exactly right, Confit. And 'bird. The spool up was very late, regardless of what the pilot intended. It was too damned late. The big fans take lots longer to spool up in the commercial jets than the fans in the newer lites flown by the military. If the motors take 15 seconds to spool up, what then? Maybe someone here flew the T- 33 and remembers how careful you had to be when doing a go-around.

Point two: 'bird has a point about getting a degree or two of alpha to get a few feet of altitude. He is also correct - temporary AoA increase, then increase in drag, then settle into the trees further downrange.

Until the commercial dudes have a checkout that shows the limits of the FBW systyems or even the "conventional" ones, we will likely see another crash like this one.

That's my story, and I am stickin' to it.
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