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Originally Posted by Dozy
And for other reasons too I expect.
Which are ... ?

See post #23 in this thread:
The Airline has some latitude to customize the Airbus FCTM - If Cathay wants to word it that way, that is their responsibility.
Still expecting your black and white FCOM reference ...

That's your opinion only, and one that doesn't seem to be widely held.
That an opinion is widely held is not a criteria of veracity - What matter are the facts, and the fact is that the FCS refused to follow the pilot orders despite the possibility for the aircraft to accept an AoA increase of 2.5 additional degrees.

Originally Posted by Bidule
I doubt that the "tours de piste" were flown at 50 ft height! Same for the Airbus shows. It is what makes a large difference.
Strictly speaking about the alpha protection behavior, what is that large difference ?
Are you going to reveal something Airbus did not want to mention ... ?
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