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Diginagain - you might very well have neatly summed up the current situation?
In the chopper I fly we cannot get into the back to assist our pax (who have EBS) - so yes, they are completely on their own.

You must fly one of the larger types where you can pop down the back to ensure the pax are using their EBS correctly and guide them to their 'nearest available exit' - whilst holding your breath.
I envy your capacity and wish you luck !
Lip service has been paid to realistic HUET training since day one.
Can I suggest that it is not the pax who, when they

"find yourselves up to your oxters in salt-water, you're on your own"

but the ill-equipped, minimally-trained pilots?

As you might have noticed -vast majority of Safety Review is not about preventing the crash/ditch but about survivability.
Anything in there about increased 'mandatory' flying training, improving monitoring skills.
Always laugh when I read that the ADF is preferred to my gps tablet and that crew EBS could be a 'snag hazard'

Heaven help us - or perhaps the CAA?
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