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So you can do aerobatics, but not safely.

Is it 20% of T67s that have spun into the ground so far? Okay, yours is an M, and those were I think all As and Bs, but why on earth would you fly aeros without a chute, and fly without good fuel reserves?
A bit harsh I feel Genghis, both on Dobbin, and one of the UK's nicest aeroplanes.

I have to agree with Dobbin on both the parachutes and the fuel reserves.

For the record, the Slingsby T67 was produced in 5 models. (Not in chronological order.)

A. Licence built UK version of the Fornier RF6B. Built mainly from wood and fabric with a Lycoming O-235 instead of the Continental O-200 engine.

B. Based on the above, and almost identical looking, with the same engine, but completely redesigned airframe constructed entirely from composite material.

C. B model with 160hp engine.

D. C model with constant speed VP prop.

M. D model with full inverted fuel, and oil systems.
The M model also came with 200hp, and 260hp engines.

None of the above had unusual spin recoveries, or a spin accident record worse than any other aerobatic aircraft.

In the 90s, 114 M260s were sold to the USAF as T3As, and following two highly publicised accidents, the fleet was grounded. After conducting an exhaustive flight test program, The USAF could find no unusual handing characteristics, or reluctance to recover from spins.

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