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So you can do aerobatics, but not safely
Wearing a parachute does not make aerobatics safe. It is inherently more risky that conventional flight and significantly more risky that sitting at home. We all have to take risk into account whenever we undertake an activity. The manoeuvres I do on a trial lesson are very unlikely to result in any sort of departure and I would be be even more cautious when not wearing a parachute. For example, I do not spin without parachutes.
Is it 20% of T67s that have spun into the ground so far? Okay, yours is an M, and those were I think all As and Bs, but why on earth would you fly aeros without a chute, and fly without good fuel reserves?
No. 20 percent would imply more than 50 aircraft destroyed in spin accidents out if the 274 made. Not sure of the actual number of spin accidents but it is much less than that. The spin accident rate for the T67 is similar to other aerobatic/military trainers, and better than some. The Tiger Moth probably has the worse record and the Chippie and Bulldog all had spin issues in their time.

Minimum fuel includes adequate reserves.
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