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Thank you, Rouli.

I jump back in from the peanut "light" gallery.

Good grief, we can go over all the control laws for years. As Doze and I and others seem to agree, it wasn't the control laws that caused the crash.

- Why in the world would you fly past the crowd at the max AoA? I will bet $1,000 that only one or two folks there would understand what was being demonstrated, and only with a narrator describing what you were seeing.

- Why did you not practice one or two times for the demo? Sheesh. The T-birds and Blue Angels come in a day or two earlier and do two or more practice demos for the particular venue. Same for the Red Bull and other acrobatic pilots at an airshow. Called professionalism, airmanship, and more. You just don't improvise, period. We even had a military flight lead resign from his position after he made a mistake on a maneuver and got too low with his three wingies. Had the guts to call an abort, and no harm done.

- Mission briefing? What's that? No evidence from documents or testimony or whatever that the planned flyby was briefed in detail. If the captain was solo, I might have a better understanding. With another crewmember, it is beyond my understanding.

- If the approach to the flyby was not going as planned ( that's a joke, as there seemed to be no plan), then turn around and give some excuse and set up correctly.

Trust me, I did my share of buzz jobs in fighters. I even "planned" some. If things didn't "look right" I went home. This guy at Habsheim was a "showboat" and I am still not sure about what he was trying to demonstrate, especially with SLF aboard.

Sorry to rant.
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