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Snoop Alpha Prot 12 or 14.5?

@Paul :
Thanks to double the size of our PMs during your hardware maintenance... Are you?

I wonder why Asseline want to fly his Airbus at "alphamax" and uses that word in his briefing?

Why doesn't he mention Alpha Prot? Both pilots seem to have approximative knowing of their plane?

Why is the value of Alpha Prot from the BEA final report for Alpha Prot incidence 14.5 and differs from Asseline's book shematic p.420 where Alpha Prot is 12 ?

From the same book, page 432, why does Bernard Ziegler requests to R.DEQUE, G.PICHON, B.BISSEY, P.BAUD an improvment of Alpha Floor to alpha 12 (14 feb 1990, two months after Bengalore) and the Habsheim final report is giving Alpha Floor =15 ?

How many degrees incidence are given in books today to A320 pilots and correspondant speed for steady level flight, in the conditions of Habsheim flight and MLW for :
- Alphamax?
- Alpha Floor?
- Alpha Prot?
- Vs1g?
- Vref?

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