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Originally Posted by Owain Glyndwr
5 ft gain - maybe; but it is a bit speculative isn't it? At a pitch attitude of 17 deg the elevator hinge and the lowest point of the gear are at the same height, so with a 5ft gain you are just as likely to end up by tearing the elevators off accompanied by a vicious ND pitch and no hydraulics.
No visible vicious ND pitch for at least 400 ft at 30 ft height through the forest so at 35 ft and climbing I think the elevators could have survived even better.

Everything that is except time and space for the system to do its job
If the system is that inefficient, better give the elevator control to the pilot when he needed to get alpha max ...

Originally Posted by Chris Scott
CONF_iture seems to think that this task assigned to the co-pilot was a cinch.
I can't remember saying it was a walk in the park but performing such presentation by assigning the thrust management to the PNF is a judicious move instead of exclusively relying on the PF.
Now if you want to suggest the Habscheim crew was ill prepared for such an ambitious and already highly questionable program ... I fully concur.
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