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I am asking if aviation insurance companies are able to refuse to pay out even if the cause of an accident is nothing to do with the weight.
Everything is fine until its not fine! Flying an aircraft outside its certificated limits makes the insurance void.
So if there is a large insurance claim the insurance company will have a way out of paying.
As far as I know and i am happy to be corrected on this if the flight starts illegal it remains illegal.
Ie you start overweight burn off fuel so you are now within limits then have an accident it is still classified as an illegal flight and hence uninsured if the insurers can prove that when you started the flight the aircraft was overweight?

My comments in the posting above was not on insurance but whether an aircraft can safely fly over grosse weight the answer is yes if you have plenty of runway and the C of G is good.

But you are playing Russian roulette with the insurance and russian roulette in a twin if you loose an engine

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