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Diverskii, I enjoyed the video. I get the impression from the fluctuations in engine power through most of the flight that the PF was also enjoying probably his last chance to fly the DC10 and hand flew it most of the way. Good for him

Doors to Automatic, Most electronic equipment like cameras, laptops, I-pods and so on don't cause any interference to flight instruments or comms. They operate at much higher frequencies than the radios or avionics operate at. They also produce very little RF.

Transmitting devices such as mobile phones and radios do interfere with radio communications. A transmitting device or even just an RF receiving device such as a little FM radio could cause problems with the avionics especially if they are both working at the same frequency, which is why they are not allowed to be used on an aircraft. I could go into more technical details, but I would most likely bore you all to death with it.
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