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1. Finaly I found in the Final report § the reference to "Alpha Prot". But the report says the incidence of alpha prot is 14.5°. That point is reached at tgen 333.0-334.0 , speed was 114 kt
Asseline says alpha prot incidence is 12° (page 420 of Asseline's book) . That point was reached a tgen 326.0 (speed was 120 kt).
Twelve seconds separate these two points.

In the report we find one time "alpha prot", and six times the word "incidence" concerning alpha prot 14.5° : "loi d'indidence" or "protection en incidence"

2. The Report § says that the end of the flight is done in alpha prot law " since t-4s :

"A t-4s, commutation sur la loi de pilotage en incidence, la valeur de 14.5° ayant été atteinte, cette loi étant ensuite conservée. (At - 4s, switching on the incidence law, thevalue of 14.5 ° has been reached, this law is then maintained)"

With alpha prot = 12° it would have been t-16s... (not better without thrust !)

Since alpha prot is reached, without thrust, I assume the EFCS modifies the THS to decrease incidence, and altitude is decreasing too

3. "100 FT" : What Asseline was asking to the F/FO was surely easy in any case (height or RA), but I think too they never trained that together. And the FO was unable to push the levers too.

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