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Waren9, thanks so much for your kind comments.

Having been based in CHC for some time flying A320s, I think I have some idea of NZ IR laws. They are archaic.

What makes a 4 sector day with 30 minute breaks more difficult in NZ v. the rest of the world (and Oz in particular).

A little soft, I'd say.

And I do get that of the 16 replies so far, most are supportive of him. But it's going to be impractical to implement. FAs have been covered by this kind of rule for some time, but still find it impossible to achieve.

If you guys try and enforce it, you will do your own part in making it just so much harder for JQ to stay competitive; for them it's all about fast turnarounds.

After a little stint in more salubrious operations with much greater turnarounds (anything up to 6 hours...), I'm back enjoying the challenge of 30 min turns. There's no time for a break; nor is there room for the softies that want them.

Good luck with it long term. Can't wait to see how it goes.
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