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A lot of gloating from newly created personas going on here.
What the hell would certain trolls know what Qantas staff would or wouldn't do or give up to remain employed?
Up until recently there has been no real incentive to.
Management have combated this with multiple green field enterprises and the Qantas pilots now find them in their present predicament.
Hardly the pilots fault to try and negotiate the best position possible for their members is it?
Lets face it a more inclusive form of management could have handled this transition to present operating conditions if they were not so ideologically bent!
AIPA has always been willing to deal with management, not so sure you could say the same of management though!
As old Uncle scrotum face always quipped,
"you get what you bargain for ", well I suppose thats why I paid union fees all those years 'šos AIPA obviously must have done a half decent job to negotiate and end up on such a good wicket that was as well watered pitch as what it was.
A contract I might add that had been negotiated in good faith between my appointed bargaining agent ,AIPA and Qantas management.
A contract, in Long Hauls case, that has been negotiated in good faith for over 48yrs without resorting to strike action.
Some of these clowns on here should take a step back and think about just how the whole bargaining process works!
First of all my appointed bargaining agent ,AIPA, talks with management, they thrash it out, eventually come up with an agreed position, that position is put to AIPA CoM, my elected representitives to vote upon, if they are happy the proposal is sent out for debate and eventual voting upon by the rank and file members.
With luck ,it gets up ,if not, like the recent shorthaul EBA ,it goes back for further fine tuning , until consensus is reached and its voted in.
So for the life of me why is it the staffs fault for following the laws of the land and ending up in the position they now find themselves???
If anyone is to blame it ßint the staff ,it's piss poor management and the Industrial Laws of the land that need an enema, not the staff who are just following and abiding by their lawfull rights!
No one I talk to denies that the entire game plan has changed.
No one denies that there are now overpowering factors motivating people to change their attitudes.

Off the top of my head and from what I've heard colleagues suggest could be offered up are things such as : scrap overtime , night loadings , home transport, instigate fleet pay for 4eng and 2 eng aircraft, to name but a few.
Things I'm sure the present AIPA CoM members are discussing even now.

I at least feel more comfortable for my remaining colleagues in the thought that AIPA appears to be in pretty competent hands at present.

So please stop the gloating šos it ain't over till the fat lady sings!

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