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Originally Posted by Genghis the Engineer View Post
I don't know, ignoring the POH seems pretty common everywhere to a greater or lesser extent.

I've had US instructors maintain that I should be flying final in a PA28 at 75knots with the carb heat on. I've also threatened to beat said US instructors over the head with said POH to illustrate the point

re Carb heat: True for a Pa 28 but every SEP Cessna POH I have has the following item in the before landing checklist.

Quote Caburetor Heat.....On (apply full heat before closing throttle) Unquote

The practice of turning off the carb heat on final seems to be an almost universal at UK flying schools and no one seems to carry the original of the POH in the aircraft, therefore this has led me to conclude that following the POH procedures does not appear to be a priority.
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