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Chris Scott
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Briefing of Co-pilot

Bon soir roulis,

Because my French is faible, I still have not finished Mr Asseline's book!

1) I also see nothing in the captain's briefing to stipulate (sorry!) which instrument would be used to maintain 100 ft. But, long after the flight, Mr Asseline explains it very clearly to all his readers, and he makes at least two good arguments for not using the RA. Unfortunately, as you know, baro indications are not accurate enough for his stated purpose.

But, whatever the co-pilot thought the captain meant, the a/c does not seem to have been levelled at 100 ft on the barometric altimeters - and certainly not on the radio altimeter. So it seems strange that the copilot made no call after the height-bust.

Here is a part of your quote from le Rapport Final BEA:
" '[...] on fait un passage à cent pieds, train sorti et là, tu me laisses faire. Je t'amène en alpha max, je débraye l'alpha floor et à ce moment là, si je te dis que c'est dur, tu m'aides et tu tiens les gaz à vario zéro.' "

This is my rough understanding of it:
"[...] one does a pass at a hundred feet, gear extended and there, you leave it to me. I get you to alpha max, I disengage alpha floor and at that point, if I tell you that it's too hard, you help me and you [adjust] the thrust at [for] V/S zero."

The captain goes on, if I understand the transcript correctly:
"...V/S zero and me, I'll hold alpha-max. At the signal, you [select] TOGA and me, I pull, and if you are there I bank away."
"You want to make to shine [?] there, eh?"
"[?] there. I've done it twenty times, that one."
"OK, agreed."

That brief dialogue leads me to think that the co-pilot was not familiar with the technique that he was being briefed to perform. If he had done it before, I reckon he would have said so - if only in response to the captain's boast. However, CONF_iture seems to think that this task assigned to the co-pilot was a cinch. I wonder.

2) I do not understand your point at the moment. Was there any need to define alpha prot in the briefing?
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