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Originally Posted by Owain Glyndwr
It would have been possible to gain a little more height at the expense of speed if the AOA had followed the pilot's command without any restriction but keeping sidestick movement and timing and throttle movement and timing unchanged, the height gain at the back end would have been no more than half of that required for clearance. Let us remember that the RA height over the last few seconds was only 30 ft and the average tree height 39ft.
  • 5 ft gain and the aircraft is probably back but not without leaves in the landing gear.
  • 10 ft gain and the aircraft is back.

Originally Posted by HN39
The phugoid oscillation as such has no relation with atmospheric disturbances.
Except that the system can interpret the external disturbance as a phugoid movement, which can result as in Bilbao in an automatic nose down input that the pilot cannot counteract.

Originally Posted by noske
So regarding preparation of the PDF from the printed "Journal Officiel", I'd say that the BEA did the best they could. Annexe 7 must have gone missing at an earlier stage.
As the crucial Annexe 7 is missing but part of Annexe 8 has been labelled Annexe 7 I see here a deliberate attempt for camouflage.
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