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OG, I agree: I think we do agree.

But, the manufacturer sets the flight control rules to seek the best and safest outcome in the operations they foresee.

Should there be a "I'm a test pilot, get me out of here; let me fling it around the sky beyond the physical limits" button across the fleet? Probably not, since non-test-qualified people would surely push it, and get into more trouble. I'd suggest that the skill to train for is to know how the different nature of a FBW airliner means you have to be differently careful. Over many many contributions, I remember Capt Scott has pointed out lots of cases where these differences matter.

Quite the same with the Concordia, as r..t suggested - even of the helmsman had steered counterintuitively left as supposedly instructed, it wasn't going to make the evening's sailing suitable fare for a masterclass in ship handling, even if it might have saved a few tens of lives, and avoided putting 4000 in so much jeopardy in that particular case.

Spot on, the altimeter antennas are at the back. At that point of detail though, it does merit some wariness about the texture, reflectivity and slope of the ground across the radar altimeter beam, the attitude of the aircraft and the chance for stray reflections.
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