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Chris Scott
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Quote from Owain Glyndwr (my emphasis):
"Let us remember that the RA height over the last few seconds was 30 ft, the lowest point on the airframe would have been less than that because of the attitude and the average tree height was 39 ft."

For what it's worth, I think not, OG. The two RA TRx antennae are (were) on the bottom of the rear fuselage, around the beginning of the taper point. At an a/c pitch attitude of about +13 or +14 degrees, they are at the same level as the bottom of the main L/G wheels. However, IIRC, the indicators read zero if the a/c is parked on level ground (pitch zero), when the antennae are about 5 ft high. If that is so, the indications are likely to under-read increasingly as the pitch attitude increases, unless there is a correction for changing pitch.
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