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Originally Posted by myself
For some reason, the "Rapport final (additif)" (starting at page 55) consists of odd-numbered pages only, with blank pages in between. So annexe 7 may just have been on one of those even-numbered pages.

That should be easy to verify with a printed copy of the Journal Officiel, volume 1990. (A brief search across libraries in Germany, for example, already seems to indicate seven such copies.) Did anyone ever bother?
Well, now I did. Since none of these libraries was close enough for me to make a visit in person, I made an interlibrary loan. For journal articles, these are routinely handled by copying (which today means scanning, file transfer, and printing at the receiving library).

I received my copy of the "Rapport final (additif)", consisting of odd-numbered pages only, with a handwritten note attached that mentioned a complaint about missing pages, answered by the supplying library (Deutsche Zentralbibliothek für Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Kiel) with an affirmation that they scanned the article as it is.

So regarding preparation of the PDF from the printed "Journal Officiel", I'd say that the BEA did the best they could. Annexe 7 must have gone missing at an earlier stage.

And I'm glad to see that the discussion has already returned to technical matters anyway.
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