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Multitasking is, in most cases a fallacy and when the fairer sex trumpet that they can wonderfully operate on 3 levels simultaneously whilst watching TV and phoning, then I must with respect disagree. One thing at a time, then the next and so on will bring good results, even if a rotation between the tasks is necessary. A very capable friend once opined "multi tasking is the practice of doing several things badly at once" and over the years I would wholeheartedly agree.
Perzactly. How do you think the saying "A woman's work is never done." originated?

My wife is another who insists on talking when she knows that I can't hear her because I'm in another room/the (noisy) kettle is on/I am doing something that requires concentration.
She also watches the commercials in silence, but insists on talking when the news is on. She will also ask a question about something on TV, at exactly the time her question is being answered, so that neither of us will hear the answer.
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