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You've got to be really, really desperate... ie. no other airline in the world would touch you with a ten foot barge pole
What you really mean to say is that no other airline in the world would touch you with a ten foot pole when you demand a starting salary of a quarter mil USD directly in the left seat because you've got some debts to pay off and you don't have time to mess around with a seniority list.

I suspect a lot of the haters are people who failed the evaluations and screenings (most do) or were quickly forced out for other reasons....there are a lot of them.

If you came, worked your ass off for a couple or three years, made a ton of money and then went home, most likely you'll look back at the experience with an attitude of..."well that was crazy...had some good times....made good friends...paid off the mortgage and kids' college...hopefully I didn't get lung cancer or some other disease, but I'm glad I'm done." That's a far cry from the anger rants some of these guys are posting which tells me something embarrassing or sad happened to them personally and they want revenge.
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