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You, THYTHY, have obviously never read any of my other posts to think that I'm optimistic or a recruiter.

I said that some people do very well in China and others who have realistic expectations come and get exactly what they came for.

China is not forgiving of pilots with poor attitudes and many pilots unfortunately have pretty rotten attitudes so they are destined to fail or hate it.

Of course there are some who have had the best intentions and did everything right still get horrible deals and experiences but for the most part, you are still in control of your own success or failure.

My point here is that exaggerating the negatives will cause people to simply ignore you altogether. If you provide a realistic account of what to expect and how to avoid the many pitfalls it will help many people from making the mistake of coming to China and allow those who are determined to try it anyway to succeed at it.

The opportunities in China will continue for some time especially since most people quit before their contracts are up. The pay will continue to increase and is still pretty well unmatched anywhere in the world for those looking to make money fast...How many pilots do you know who've lost their pension and are supporting several ex wives at the same time?
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