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I don't suppose that your life after aviation is brokering pilot jobs for the Chinese? That would justify your surprisingly optimistic depiction of Chinese aviation . If you are involved in this despicable human traffic business that promises the world to foreign pilots and then delivers them into a system designed to cheat,exploit,overwork and in many circumstances humiliate them, I can tell you that you are losing your time because the word is out, hundreds or even thousands of reports of all sorts of abuse and neglect are now public domain , and you think that calling them exaggerations will solve the problem of your Chinese overlords? It is now common knowledge that there is a critical lack of suitable experienced captains applying to Chinese companies , resulting in grounded aircraft,flight cancelations and pulled back expansion plans, and this is not going away anytime soon. It takes a short time to build a bad reputation, but it takes a lot longer to recover from it, specially when nothing is being done to clear your name.
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