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Nostalgia Forums.

Nimrod MR I & IIP was a great aeroplane for the era. Last flown as a Air Eng in 1989.

I'm sure if Nimrod 4 had arrived on time (AKA Nimrod 2000), then it may have been OK. But over budget and over time, the suits must have had enough. And yes, I'm talking out of my proverbial, as I don't know if it worked in the end. I'm sure they'll be an expert explaining that it did or didn't soon enough.

Replacement, is there a need except to keep some Scots in work at Kinloss? What is the threat in this region? What do we need an MPA for: SSBN location and destruction / SAR.

The Afghan type roles are surely been done by drones these days.

Now if it was based off the China coast, now I understand the threat......
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