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betty swallox
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Please stop posting utter utter utter utter nonsense! Yes, this is a rumour site. But get a grip.

The P-8 flys beautifully at low level, I'm led to believe. It flies as well as any turboprop. I'm afraid your understanding of aerodynamics is poor if you throw out these untruths.

The reason the Nimrod shut down engines was purely a fuel based decision. The MRA 4 would never have shut down engines on task. Different time. Different engines. And different generators. The P-8 would never fly with one engine shutdown for fuel economy. It's a ridiculous comparison to try and make. Yes it flies in the same environment, but it's a different air vehicle. Apples and oranges.

And before Biggus takes a side swipe at me for daring to mentioning P-8A, I'm purely replying to some very weird "logic" from Stuffy

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